I gotta be honest – I’ve never been totally against brussels sprouts. They were certainly never in my top 10 vegetable list, but I  never thought they were as bad as people made… Continue reading

Candy Coated Pecans

These are like crack. I mean, not that I’ve ever tried crack, but I hear it’s super addictive, therefore these must be like crack. Soo sooo good.  What’s even more shocking is that… Continue reading


My parents have recently converted to Paleo and although I eat a little differently with SCD, everything I make is pretty close to Paleo or can be easily modified (there are some things… Continue reading


I’ve had a lot of people ask me if it’s difficult to eat grain-free.  I’ve not found it to be very difficult given that we live in a time where there are Whole… Continue reading

Make Biscuits, Not War.

That is the slogan of one of my favorite local restaurants, The Loveless Cafe – who, by the way, has some amazing biscuits (among other things) if you ever have a chance to… Continue reading

Comfort Food

I know comfort foods are probably different for every individual, but typically that category of food revolves around a lot of starches and grains.  The bad news is, you need to seek “comfort”… Continue reading

What’s the soup de jour?

“It’s the soup of the day.” “Mmm, that sounds good. I’ll have that.” Oh Dumb & Dumber. Such a classic movie. The leaves are starting to disappear, the weather is getting cooler and… Continue reading

Hiking Healthy

I just returned from spending a gorgeous fall weekend in the Smoky Mountains with a good friend of mine and her parents.  It was a whirlwind weekend but absolutely worth it to enjoy… Continue reading

Butternut Squash Hash

I was born and raised in Iowa, so that also means I was born and raised on meat & potatoes.  Well, not entirely.  My parents were very healthy eaters (my childhood started out… Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

When the temperature drops and the leaves begin to change color it makes me want to go camping, sit around a bonfire, bundle up at the drive-in…and bake.  I’ve always been a bit… Continue reading