Caprese Salad: SCD Style

I just returned from an amazing trip through Italy and France and I have to admit – I ate illegally the entire time.  This trip had been planned before I started this new lifestyle of eating and I knew it would be pretty stressful trying to figure out a way to eat grain-free in a foreign country – especially Italy.  I’m not saying that it couldn’t have been done, but I made the choice to just throw caution to the wind and enjoy everything in their country – including their food.  One dish that wasn’t entirely illegal that I had many, many times was caprese salad.  Ohmeohmy I love that stuff!!  Technically mozzarella is not one of my “legal” cheeses, but I couldn’t resist.

There are just a handful of cheeses that I can have on a regular basis and then a slightly longer list of cheeses to use “sparingly”.  I haven’t tested them all out quite yet, but since provolone is one of the few legal cheeses that I typically use as my mozzarella substitute, I decided to try it in my own SCD version of caprese salad.  I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s the same because it’s not a soft, high moisture cheese like the buffalo mozzarella typically used in caprese salad, but it’s a pretty decent compromise and still a dish that I enjoy often whether as a light lunch or a side dish with dinner.

Caprese Salad: SCD Style

1 Tomato, cut into 1/4″ slices or chunks (whatever you prefer)

Fresh basil, torn into small pieces

Provolone cheese, cubed or sliced

Olive Oil

SCD legal balsamic vinaigrette

salt & pepper

Arrange tomatoes on a plate and top with slices of provolone cheese.  Sprinkle plate with fresh basil (I don’t skimp on this, but use as much or as little as you prefer). Drizzle plate with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper to taste. Enjoy!